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Nice New Notebook

So I've been in quite a crafty mood this week. I've been crocheting, cooking, doodling, journalling and I've also discovered Zentangles.

Zentangles are like organised doodling, except it only uses patterns so anyone can do it - no excuse of "I can't draw". And because you focus so much on what you're doing, it's actually good for relieving stress and lowering blood pressure. Kind of like doodling meditation!

If you want to learn more about Zentangles then check out the Zentangle website and blog.

So I'm really keen to get tangling, the only problem is - I don't have any notebooks with plain paper! So I decided to make one for myself... and that's the subject of today's blog :D

Easy-Peasy Lemon-Squeezy Notebook

Stuff you'll need:
I used some sheets of different coloured paper I had lying around, an empty cardboard box, scissors, glue-stick, measuring tape (I've lost my ruler!), a pencil, a needle, some yarn and some shiny stickers.

How to make the cute Notebook:

1. I cut the paper first into long strips the size I wanted.
2. I then folded them in half to make my notebook pages.
3. Then I cut the cardboard for the cover. It's a little bit bigger than the paper all the way round.
4. Next I used some more of the coloured paper to cover the cardboard using the gluestick to stick it down.
5. Using the needle and yarn I attached the pages to the cover, making sure the yarn is tied firmly.

6. Finally I decorated it with stickers!

Now I have to bring myself to use it... easier said than done. I find it really difficult to use nice stationery; I tend to hoard it for something special (I know - I'm crazy!).

I guess there's gonna be some Zentangle based posts coming soon... Happy crafting :D