Monday, 29 April 2013

FMS Photo-A-Day Challenge - April Week 4

This week's prompts from Fat Mum Slim were:
22. Blurry
23. Time {flies}
24. I saw this person today {my rickshaw driver for the day}
25. Life is... {hot}

26. Childhood
27. Earth
28. My Sunday

Happy snapping...

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Amanda {AKA Earth} Day

So this week Laura challenged us to create a Zentangle inspired by the Earth in celebration of what is affectionately known in her house as Amanda Day. {Laura's son, Chewie, named the Earth 'Amanda' around this time last year and the name has stuck!}

So I pulled out my Tangle pattern book and started to look for inspiration - I'm more at home with geometric patterns...

And this is what I came up with, using Pais, Frondous and Leafy:

Talking of geometric patterns, I've been working on a few new tangles, which you can see here.

Until next time!

Happy tangling...


Last week I feel in love with Z-trik by Yamit Fridman and doodled it over and over in my notebook at work.
Then I realised I wasn't doodling Z-trik anymore... The pattern had mutated! I call it Panzi:
I'm not sure if it's a new tangle because it feels so familiar, so please let me know if you've seen it somewhere before. I also ended up with a slightly different step out for Z-trik too.

Then at the weekend I was inspired by the corner of my window grill in the kitchen and came up another tangle! This one is called Kona:

If it looks similar to my earlier tangle Khirkee - well it is! It is inspired by the same window grill pattern, just from a different angle!

Here are some examples with Z-trik, Panzi and Kona:


Happy tangling...

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

FMS Photo-A-Day Challenge - April Week 3

This week's prompts from Fat Mum Slim were:
15. Alone
16. Your favourite colour
17. Busy
18. Hello!

19. Button
20. On your mind
21. Fire

Happy snapping...

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

You with the Stars in your Eyes

I've had a busy week tangling. The best bit was the speedy delivery from Flipkart with this box full of lovely stuff...

Then I doodled a bit and tried out some of my new pens.

On Sunday I got braver and tangled my phone case!

Then came Monday and a great challenge from Laura this week. See her challenge page for the inspiration behind the title.

Late last night after a 16 hour round trip to Pune for work, I was hit with inspiration. So I got up this morning and grabbed the haldi (Hindi for turmeric) and got going. Once I started I couldn't stop!

Got to try out a few more pens and techniques that are new to me. Now must go buy some black paper...

Happy tangling...

FMS Photo-A-Day Challenge - April Week 2

This week's prompts from Fat Mum Slim were:
8. On your plate
9. Tiny
10. A place
11. Detail

12. In the middle
13. View from your bed
14. Water
Happy snapping...

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Hip to be square

So this week, Laura challenged us to draw squares within squares as our string, creating a frame of sorts.

Very similar to a technique that Rick & Maria have been demonstrating recently their blog, here and here.

So onto my offering...

Happy tangling...

Friday, 12 April 2013

FMS Photo-A-Day Challenge - End of March & start of April

The prompts from Fat Mum Slim at the end of March were:
25. In your drawer
26. Something you did
27. Pair
28. In the mirror

29. Goodnight
30. Relax
31. Stuff

And then we started April with:
1. Play
2. Blue
3. Something beginning with A
4. This happened today

5. Something good
6. Air
7. Dreamy
Happy snapping...


I've fallen behind again.
This was Laura's 112th Challenge - a Use My Tangle challenge where she challenged us to use LeeAnn's tangle, Tuxedo.

So here goes...

Happy tangling...