Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Mooka Madness

As it's 2 years since the launch of Mooka , and it's a tangle Laura found difficult until now, this week she challenged us to complete a Mooka monotangle!

Like Laura, Mooka has always been difficult for me, but remembering all the recent articles about focusing on the process rather than the result, I gave it a go. And I wasn't disappointed.

This time the tangle flowed and to try something new, I shaded using an 005 Micron.

I've become extra busy recently as I'm studying for 2 online courses on the fab Coursera, as well as working full time, I've realised that other things I was doing had become a chore. But not so with The Diva's weekly challenge. I think the variety of the challenges is what keeps me coming back time and time again.

More please, Laura!

Happy tangling...

FMS Photo-A-Day Challenge - March Week 4

This week's prompts from Fat Mum Slim were:
18. Shoes
19. A sign
20. Clean
21. Working (on dinner)

22. About you (I get to work by rickshaw everyday)
23. What you do for fun (Tangle and play with photo editing apps)
24. Up

Happy snapping...

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Diva Catch up

I've been stupendously busy the last few weeks so it's time to post the last 3 challenges.
Firstly Weekly Challenge #108: Whyz - UMT
This week, Laura challenged us to feature Jane MacKugler's tangle, Whyz, in our Zentangle. I added a little of my own Khirkee and some Old around the edge.

Instructions for Whyz can be found on Jane's blog, See Jane.

Next, Weekly Challenge #109: Zentangle Quest
Back in February, Maria demonstrated a new technique on the Zentangle Blog, based on the architechture of what looks like an Italian Cathedral. So this week Laura challenged us to use this new technique in our Zentangle this week.

I used a little Paradox and Dex for this challenge.

And finally Weekly Challenge #110: Get rid of the box
Or as I like to think of it... Break all the rules.  I usually stick to a square tile and start with a string and only use black Sakura Micron pen and shade with my pencil...  So this week I used a full page with no string. Then used kid's sketch pens and a few Staedtler fineliners I have. 

I also used tangles I've not used in a long time, and all official...  Keeko, Nekton, Sez, Nipa and Yincut.

This was fun :D

Happy tangling...

Monday, 18 March 2013

FMS Photo-A-Day Challenge - March Week 3

This week's prompts from Fat Mum Slim were:
11. Important - new growth
12. In the distance
13. Sound
14. Tasty -  crisps

15. Explore
16. 9 o'clock - and tangling
17. Green - from out of the green came this wild pig! (Coco and I were scared)

Happy snapping...

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Zendala Dare 48

Late again posting the Zendala Dare... The next one is probably out by now, but I just haven't had the time during the week for any tangling.

Erin's template this week was full of twisty circles.

I filled them with Yoga, Warped Eggs, Olb, Brax and Miander.

Happy tangling...

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

FMS Photo-A-Day Challenge - March Week 2

This was the week I discovered Phonto... An app which let's you put cute text on your pics. I found it much easier to use than other apps I've tried on my Android phone.

This week's prompts from Fat Mum Slim were:
4. Lucky
5. Under
6. Chair
7. Fear

8. Favourite
9. Faceless self portrait
10. I want...

Happy snapping...

Monday, 11 March 2013

Zendala Dare 47 - Losing it...

So with this first of the month Zendala dare, Erin challenged us to lose part of this template, to ignore a section...

I chose to lose the middle section creating 4 separate parts for me to tangle.

I chose to use Bunzo, Shattuck (variation), Voga, Nzeppel, and Prestwood.

Happy tangling...

Monday, 4 March 2013

Tangled on the Inside

For this challenge, set back in October 2011, Laura used inspiration from Jo in NZ.
The idea for this challenge was to use one tangle as the 'string' and then fill in all the spaces with other tangles.  A tangle within a tangle....

My new favourite is Sand Swirl, so that’s what I used to form the string. I also used Sand Swirl in the centre and then worked outwards using Braze, Coaster, Khirkee, Knaze, Hypnotic, and a tiny bit of Paradox.
I enjoyed tangling on the inside!

Happy tangling...

FMS Photo-A-Day Challenge - February Week 5/March Week 1

This week's prompts from Fat Mum Slim were:
25. On your bedside table
26. Quiet
27. Playing
28. Upside down... The whole house is in a mess because we're moving

1. L is for... Leave and Licence agreement, hence the purple thumb
2. I made this... picture
3. Key to my new flat

Happy snapping...