Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Weekly Creative Roundup

I'm a little late with the Roundup this week, so let's get cracking with Zentangle...

Check out my new page to display all my tangles.

This week Laura's "I am the Diva" Zentangle Challenge asked us to use the new official tangle from Rick and Maria, Well.
I drew a free-form version and this is how it turned out:

 I added some Pais, Voga and Tipple too.

30 Days of Lists has hit the halfway mark and I'm still going strong...

Seven Days - a creativity challenge from Koosje Koene had caught my eye this week (see @koosjekoene on Instagram or www.koosjekoene.nl for more). Although I found it after it had already begun, I'm still having fun with it. 

Sketchnoting, Graphic Facilitation and Graphic Recording are my current fascination... I'm still investigating, but a few sites that have caught my eye are those of Mike Rohde, Jeannel King, and Eva Lotta Lamm. I'm practicing my doodle pics everyday!

Chilla - a savoury pancake made from yellow moong dal and besan (chickpea flour) with some spices and seasoning - has become my fave weekend snack. And this time I remembered to take a pic! 

This is great with ketchup or green chutney :)
So that's all the creating for this week!

Happy creating...

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Weekly Creative Roundup

Laura's Zentangle challenge this week was a Use My Tangle challenge. The chosen tangle this month was Beamz by Traci Frogley.
As Beamz is very angular I softened it with some Opus, Tipple and Pais.

Last week I painted three backgrounds and this week I turned one into a freehand mandala. I think it needs some white... But still looks great!

Here's my new tangle... Moog. 

It is quite similar to one of my faves - Bales. However it is based on the pattern seen in this picture I saw on Instagram, belonging to @joyephoto.

Here's moog in use:

This week I've been playing along with 30 Days of Lists {check out #30lists on Instagram} and added a doodle theme throughout.

With the monsoon drawing to an end the days are brighter and the plants are starting to flower. All in all, sunny days make for a happier Claire!

This week in the kitchen I've been successfully experimenting with overnight oats, green moong pancakes and schezwan fried rice.
Yet again there are no photos... Once food is in front of me, all thoughts of photos disappear straight out of my head!

Happy creating... 

Monday, 2 September 2013

Weekly Creative Roundup

Laura's Zentangle challenge this week was to use the official Zentangle pattern Tipple in your offering. Tipple is just lots of small circles or squished circles and a great space filler. So here's my Tipple offering, along with Paushalov and Pippin.

This week I've been noticing patterns everywhere. Here's a few I've spotted on a cushion in the back of a car, a drain cover and the interior of my rickshaw one morning on the way to work {Henna Drum, Bales-ish, and one that reminds me of W2}.

I had a revelation! I realised that I now had some white paint, so even though I never got my white Gelly Roll to work I could finally finish the Ebony and Ivory challenge! So here it is...

And I'm super happy with it. There's some Crescent Moon, Nzeppel, Kuke and Tripoli.

I've also finished a couple of backgrounds for some freehand mandalas I'm planning to do over the next week.

30 Days of Lists is back. This challenge rolls out every March and September. Super easy to do; just answer the daily prompt with a list! A great way to begin Journaling or for those who don't have much time. Then if you want to you share a pic of your journal page on one of the social networking platforms. Mine go on Instagram.

So after I made coconut milk last week I decided to use it in a Thai Green Curry. I used a bunch of not very Thai veggies... button mushrooms, baby corn, potato, pak choy, carrots, and peas. Then I cheated and bought a jar of green curry paste, as it's really hard to get some of the stuff you need for it.
It was yummy! But I forgot to take any photos. Next time... And there will definitely be a next time!

Happy creating...