Thursday, 20 September 2012


Now, unlike most of the challenges I've posted so far, this one was completed just a month or so back.

I think you'll notice that the photography is superior (captured on my HTC One S rather than my old Nokia E71), and hopefully the quality of my tangling has improved somewhat in the 18 months or so in between those early attempts and my more recent offerings.

So this challenge was entitled 'Breathe' and Laura asked us to create a tile using conscious, even breathing. Relax. Breathe. Smile.
So I did :D

Tangles: Reticulated, Tipple, Punzel, Fescu, Nzeppel and Flukes

I feel that Punzel looks like a breath of hot air on a cold day, with clouds radiating out from it. Nzeppel and Flukes are two of my 'go-to' tangles that help to quiet my brain. Not quite sure that Reticulated fits the brief, but it kinda snuck in there!

What are your 'go-to' tangles?

Happy tangling...

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