Sunday, 23 September 2012


In this challenge, Laura gave two fantastic examples of monotangles. Her first tile used Facets and the second used Ibex.

Here is my attempt, drawn a few months back:

Tripoli Monotangle
No use of shading - again!
Can you spot the 'mistakes'? I find Tripoli hard to keep a check on at times, and it seems to get away from me, so the triangles don't line up nicely.

Michele Beauchamp always seems to draw such nice Tripoli. It often makes an appearance in her drawings (see two examples of Tripoli in the background of her Auraknot challenge tile), and I notice it because it seems so fluid and organic unlike the the sharp, spiky triangles of my Tripoli.

I think I'll go and practice some more!

Happy tangling...

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