Monday, 1 October 2012

15 Minutes of Fame

Or 20:06 minutes of fame really!

So in this challenge Laura asked us to complete our tile from start to finish in 15 minutes flat!

OMG... I never realised how long I spend on even a simple tile.
I didn't cheat and think about it before I began, or choose the tangles I would use. I did this properly, with a blank mind and a blank tile... and failed!

In the sense that 15 minutes was up and this is where I had got to:
15 minutes...

However, I figured I'd complete the tile at the same pace, so started my stopwatch and took a further 5 minutes and 6 seconds. And I think they were worth it!

...and counting
Tangles: Hypnotic & Crescent Moon

I loved this challenge, even though I'd been avoiding it for some time. It made me realise how grateful I am for the ability to hold a pen and make one stroke at a time. Zentangling is great meditation for me.

Happy tangling...

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