Monday, 22 October 2012

FMS Photo-A-Day Challenge - October Week 3

Welcome to my weekly round up of my Fat Mum Slim photo-a-day Instagram pics.

This week's photo prompts were:
Day 15: Dinnertime
Day 16: Something you wrote
Day 17: Fruit
Day 18: Made you smile today
Day 19: Letters
Day 20: 4 o'clock
Day 21: Calm

So here we go...

Top Row: Dinnertime... Aloo Gobi, Raita, Mixed Pulse Curry and Roti
Bottom Row: Something I wrote whilst listening to Earl Nightingale; Fruit

Top Left: This decoration in the rickshaw made me smile
Bottom Left: Finally being recognised for my hard work made me smile
Right: Letters Zentangle
Top: Calm - blue skies in the garden
Bottom: 4 o'clock and starting a new Zentangle; 
The calm of sunset from my building

And so on to the next week!
Happy snapping...

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