Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Opposites Attract

Laura invited Guest Challenger, Christina Vandervlist, to set this challenge back in August 2011.

The challenge was to use either all straight lines or all curvy lines for the string, and then fill the string with it's opposite!

I felt the need to do both of these...

Here's the straight string:

Opposites Attract - Straight String
Curvy Tangles: Warped Eggs; Nipa; Dansk;
Scallops; Unyun; Assunta

And the curvy one:
Opposites Attract - Curvy String
Straight Tangles: Ixorus (variation); Static;
Knightsbridge; Baton

 And finally a few close-ups:

Happy tangling...


  1. Oooo--I really love the straight tangles in the curvy string! They're both great, but that one really sings!! Wonderful job!!