Saturday, 10 November 2012


The first challenge each month is from the 'Use My Tangle' (UMT) series. This week Laura challenged us to use Erin Olson's tangle, Socc.

Socc is a great tangle and Erin's story of how it came into being can be found in her Ah-ha moment post over on her blog, The Bright Owl.

I've been super busy at work this week, and also had a few other tiles to finish, so find myself sat on a Saturday afternoon finally posting my response to this challenge.

with Meer and Up & Across

Socc Close-up

Finally I decided that the tile needed a little colour. I was inspired by Erin's step-out for the tangle - I loved the teal colour she used (my all-time favourite colour!) in the background. For this tile I chose a Cyclamen coloured watercolour pencil.

Cyclamen Socc

As I mentioned earlier, I have been busy working a few other challenges. Here's a few that I've posted recently:
Dex & Verdigogh; A Little Help from my Friends
Initialise; Trip to Tripoli

Creative Genius; Zentangle is for Everyone

Happy tangling...


  1. Claire, I love all your art! Thanks for share.

  2. Lovely, Claire. The magenta really makes the socc stand out from background. All of your tiles look terrific :)

  3. Wow, lots of great tiles to look at!! Fabulous work! Really love your Bunzo and Vertigoh--really nice, all of them!

  4. Your last two set of tiles are very pretty. I particularly liked the tiles" A little help from my friends" and " Bunzo"

  5. Like Helen sais, the magenta is great here. I also like the rest of your work very much.

  6. Wow, each and every tile is an inspiration!