Friday, 23 November 2012

Zendala Dare 32

The last few weeks I've been able to do the dare on a Saturday or Sunday as I'd been tracing it from the screen of my laptop (impatient... Moi?).
But last week my laptop died, so I had to wait until Monday to get the template printed.
And then work and life got in the way. Finally got it done, (and I'm now working on a second version!) and tried a tangle I've not use before, Prestwood.
I also used Sand Swirl, Shattuck, Tipple and Socc.
Happy tangling...


  1. Beautiful Claire! I like the fact that you left the white parts in it.

  2. Nice! I like leaving white space in mine, too. Very lacy effect. :)

  3. Very nicely done. Love the lacy feel to it.