Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Diva Catch up

I've been stupendously busy the last few weeks so it's time to post the last 3 challenges.
Firstly Weekly Challenge #108: Whyz - UMT
This week, Laura challenged us to feature Jane MacKugler's tangle, Whyz, in our Zentangle. I added a little of my own Khirkee and some Old around the edge.

Instructions for Whyz can be found on Jane's blog, See Jane.

Next, Weekly Challenge #109: Zentangle Quest
Back in February, Maria demonstrated a new technique on the Zentangle Blog, based on the architechture of what looks like an Italian Cathedral. So this week Laura challenged us to use this new technique in our Zentangle this week.

I used a little Paradox and Dex for this challenge.

And finally Weekly Challenge #110: Get rid of the box
Or as I like to think of it... Break all the rules.  I usually stick to a square tile and start with a string and only use black Sakura Micron pen and shade with my pencil...  So this week I used a full page with no string. Then used kid's sketch pens and a few Staedtler fineliners I have. 

I also used tangles I've not used in a long time, and all official...  Keeko, Nekton, Sez, Nipa and Yincut.

This was fun :D

Happy tangling...


  1. All of the pieces are fantastic and I am glad you were able to do all the challenges! I can tell this weeks challenge was freeing for you and I feel the joy!

  2. Gosh you have been busy catching up, you have some lovely zia's here Claire.

  3. You've been quite busy, with a great result.

  4. Some great work here. I especially love your Quandry tile. It looks like the paradox is being pulled back to reveal the quandry, which is beautifully done.

    1. Actually, I misspoke. I really love your work with the pillar technique, not quandry--I just got the name mixed up.