Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Last week I feel in love with Z-trik by Yamit Fridman and doodled it over and over in my notebook at work.
Then I realised I wasn't doodling Z-trik anymore... The pattern had mutated! I call it Panzi:
I'm not sure if it's a new tangle because it feels so familiar, so please let me know if you've seen it somewhere before. I also ended up with a slightly different step out for Z-trik too.

Then at the weekend I was inspired by the corner of my window grill in the kitchen and came up another tangle! This one is called Kona:

If it looks similar to my earlier tangle Khirkee - well it is! It is inspired by the same window grill pattern, just from a different angle!

Here are some examples with Z-trik, Panzi and Kona:


Happy tangling...

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