Friday, 24 May 2013

Ebony and Ivory - Gelly Roll Fail

I was so excited by this Diva challenge... black and white... inspired by a recent Zentangle newsletter.

A perfect opportunity to get to grips with my new white Gelly Roll pen.

I started, on Tuesday, with some lovely Kuke.  On Wednesday I moved on to a little Crescent Moon. 

And that's when my Gelly Roll just gave up...  The ink just stopped flowing.  And it won't start up again.

I don't have any other white pens, so in an act of desperation I turned to a correction pen! It didn't work out! Then I turned to a white watercolour pencil...  Nope, it just wouldn't do the job.

So I've posted this as a cry for help really... Is there any way to get the ink in my Gelly Roll flowing again? Is there any hope?

I'm looking forward to finishing this in the future, so I'll stop before I ruin it.

Where it went wrong 

Happy tangling...

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