Saturday, 8 June 2013

Daisy Yellow's Index Card a Day Challenge

This year, through some of my Instagram buddies, I came to know about ICAD 2013. This is a challenge run by Tammy Garcia on her blog 'Daisy Yellow' to produce an Index Card full of art for 61 days... Just one little 3 by 5 index card a day, throughout June and July.

So why an index card? I totally agree with Tammy's reasoning... I have a fear of ruining good paper, so I'll not try new media or techniques in case I go wrong. Index cards are cheap - and small - and you can't be scared of ruining something that's so cheap. In my case I went one step further. I have an old diary from 2011 that I was given about a month ago. I've made my own 'index cards' from the pages of this diary!

Tammy gives theme ideas for the week and 8 prompts a week to choose from - but these are all optional. You can do whatever you like, or you can pick or choose from the prompts and themes if you choose - it's totally up to you! Also there's no pressure to go back and catch up... If you want in on the game, then just start! From any day!

I had great fun with this first week. I did 7 cards, and made a front and back covers from an old tissue box...

Outside Front Cover

Inside Front Cover

Inside Back Cover

Outside Back Cover

Week 1 Prompts

Week 1 to 3 Themes

Now onto week 2!

Happy arting...

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