Monday, 15 October 2012

FMS Photo-A-Day Challenge - October Week 2

And it's been a lovely, and extremely busy, week!
I went out of town for a few days - for business not pleasure, unfortunately. I've got multiple projects on the go at work... and on the homefront, MoH has hurt his foot.
With all the other stuff going on, I didn't get time to blog until Saturday arrived. But I did still take part in Fat Mum Slim's Photo-A-Day challenge.

This week's photo prompts were:
Day 8: Angle
Day 9: Red
Day 10: Emotion
Day 11: Something Close-Up
Day 12: On the Table
Day 13: Landscape
Day 14: Makes you Laugh

Some were easier than others. Some I took only one photo, others I took many!
And here's what I turned out:

Top Row: Angles
Bottow Row: Red & Emotion (Curiosity?) 

Top Row: Close-Up of light fitting in my hotel room in Pune, Close-Up of my journal
Bottom Row: Close-Up, On the Table... a potato lovingly delivered by Coco!

Top Row: On the Table (well desk really)... a much needed coffee; Landscape
Bottom Row: Landscape, Makes me Laugh (Coco-nut and her coconut!)

If you missed last week's entries you can check them out here.
If you want to join in, then check out FMS's blog for more details.

Happy snapping...

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