Saturday, 13 October 2012

String Theory 13 - TanglePatterns String 001

After the difficulty of the last few challenges, I was really pleased Laura had given us free-rein to choose all our favourite tangles in this week's challenge.

I'll fess-up; Strings are my weakness and I often turn to pre-drawn strings and templates to get me started... so this wasn't really a challenge at all. It was a pleasure!

So to make it more of a challenge, I combined it with my Photo-a-day challenge from Fat Mum Slim. Tuesday's challenge (day 9) was Red.

I've been meaning to explore colour in my tangling, so what better way to combine two of my favourite challenges... so here is Red String 001:
Red String 001
Tangles: Paradox, Sedgling, Sparkle, Vanity

So although I drew this on Tuesday and posted it on Instagram, I wasn't able to blog about it as I've been in Pune for a few days for work. Finally, now the weekend is here, I have some time to catch up!

I think I'll have to practice some more with shading in colour. Also I need to invest in a brush, as the pencils I've used are watercolour pencils. I've had them for more than 6 years, and barely used them. When I moved to India they got left behind so when I visited my folks a year ago, I found them out and brought them back with me, where they've sat unused for the past year!

Whilst I was in Pune I had a little time on my hands, so started a second tangle, which I finished last night:
TanglePatterns String 001
Tangles: Atorm, Veezley, Shattuck,
 Khirkee, Hypnotic, Fescu

I've used my tangle again in this one. It's called Khirkee, and you can find my step-out for it here.

Both of these drawings were based on this string from Linda's collection at TanglePatterns:

I'm off now to practice with my lovely coloured pencils...

Happy tangling...


  1. Love the color and design! I look forward to seeing what you do with your brushes.

  2. Both tiles are beuatiful. And I think you did a great job on the shading in the red tile. I also have colorpencils wich I can use with water, but always when I do that, my paper is so curled that the next time I don't use it with water. I think I should use other paper for using the water. After all I like your colorwork.

  3. Beautiful bold red! And I love your shading--reads very well. The second one is also wonderful and I love the way each tangle flows to the next.

  4. I love the directional differences in the tiles and how you have made them both beautiful!

  5. Both are great but think I like the red one better.

  6. Both great! I do like the curls in the first one.

  7. They both look lovely claire. I really like the red and how you have shaded it :)