Saturday, 13 October 2012

FMS Photo-A-Day Challenge - October Week 1

I've been on Instagram for quite some time (... @clairewarner77 if you're interested), and at the end of September one of my fellow tanglers, Susi, posted this pic:

...and I was immediately intrigued!

So off I went to find out more. Fat Mum Slim (FMS) is the name of Chantelle's blog, and is her Instagram handle too (@fatmumslim).

It is super easy to play along - there are no rules except those that you impose on yourself! You can use any camera, do any of the prompts you like and leave the ones you don't, keep your pictures for yourself or post them for the world to see.

If you do want to share your pics, Chantelle explains: The photo a day community is shared across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, Blogs, Tumbr and more.
See this page at FMS for more details of how to join in and play along.

So let's get down to business... the objective of this post was for me to share my first week's photos!

Big pic: Day 1. Where I stood - in the hall at home
 Top Right: Day 2. Lunchtime - dal makhani
Middle Right: Day 2. Lunchtime - Coco wants food too!
Bottom row, left to right: Day 3. This happened today - 7 comments on my blog
post - first time ever!!!; Day 4. What I read - NLP book on language, the papers,
a timely email from a friend; Day 5. Shadow - Office Dino getting in on the act

Top Row, left to right: Day 7. Light - this bulb blew in the earlier hours of the morning;
Day 7. Light - spots of light streaming in to the lobby;
Bottom Row, left to right: Day 7. Light - making a cool pattern on the floor;
Day 6. I'm thankful for... - Zentangle; Day 5. Shadow - Eye shadow (that's me, that is!)

My favourite pics so far have been Office Dino and the light bulb. I'll post more soon, as we've nearly finished the second week too.
I hope you join in!

Happy snapping...

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