Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Trip to Tripoli

This challenge was set by Laura back in June 2011, when the official tangle Tripoli was released.

Tripoli is a tangle I love to hate! It is so beautiful when tangled by other people, but when I use it.... well, it's a struggle. Still, I rate it as a great tangle. Hopefully it'll get easy for me in time!

As it was such a struggle (I made a 'mistake' nearly as soon as I put pen to paper!), I chose not to make a monotangle, but used Tripoli in the centre section of my tile.

The process started with me using my Random Number Generator to choose the string to use, and TanglePatterns String 021 was selected:

And then I got tangling:
Without shading

Trip to Tripoli
Tangles: Bateek, Nzeppel, Tripoli, Shattuck

A few close-ups:

Happy tangling...

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