Friday, 2 November 2012

Creative Genius

This was a challenge in the String Theory series, originally set back in July 2011 by a guest challenger, Sue Jacobs.

Wow - I love this challenge! Strings have always been a problem for me, and in this challenge Sue has handed me a fantastic way to come up with my own strings... Tie a weight to an actual length of string, set the weight down on the tile and let the string fall!

For my string I used my headphones! So here is my string:

Then I got tangling...

And here is the final Zentangle:
Creative Genius
Tangles: Floo, Jonqal, Locar, Ibex and Paradox

I think I'll use this technique again!
Happy tangling...


  1. Nice tiles! I love the dimension you got with your shading.

    1. Thanks Sue... that means a lot as your tiles are always spectacular.