Sunday, 4 November 2012

Zendala Dare 30 - PIE

The Zendala Dare this week comes with a theme of Thanksgiving, as well as a template.

Erin challenged us to create a PIE Zendala. Complete the zendala using only tangles beginning with P, I and E. And if that weren't enough, use at least one tangle you've never used before!!!

So here's the template:
Zendala Dare 30

I'm not one to shy away from a challenge, so I decided to use not just one tangle that is new to me, but all the tangles would be new to me.

And here's my PIE!


with Intersection; Purk; Echo; Pavonia; Punzel

Punzel & Pavonia

Purk, Intersection & Echo

A big 'Thank You' goes out to Linda Farmer of TanglePatterns. It's a resource that I find invaluable, as I'm sure do many of you. When I manage to sort out the issues with my cards and PayPal, I'll definitely by sending my donation. You can support TanglePatterns too by clicking here, and Linda will send you her Tangle Guide ebook.

All this talk of pie is making me hungry!

Happy tangling...


  1. Truly beautiful Claire, my, you have been very daring using all tangles not familiar to you - I love your first tile, it looks good enough to eat :) and I agree, thanks to Linda - TanglePatterns is a permanent daily fixture on my pc. - an invaluable source of Zentangle information.

  2. Wow Claire, you made a great zendala. I always love to visit your blog. It is great to see how you turn your work in such a beautifull artwork with just shading. And most of all I like the way you exposure those close-ups. Always when is see it I think that will I do next time too. But when I am tangling, I just want to go on, and I forget to take a picture of my unshaded work.

  3. Lovely choice of tangles Claire, you have made a lovely zendala.

  4. Beautiful Claire! I was going to use Pavonia, but forgot it halfway. Hm, next time give it a go. You did so well sith all the new tangles.

  5. Awesome! And I just love the detailed pictures of the tangles (again)!

  6. Beautiful, beautiful Pies! I love the punzel in the crust!

  7. Beautiful! All great choices, and you are very brave to do all tangles new to you.

  8. Really great punzel! Nicely done with a great choice of complimentary tangles.