Sunday, 8 September 2013

Weekly Creative Roundup

Laura's Zentangle challenge this week was a Use My Tangle challenge. The chosen tangle this month was Beamz by Traci Frogley.
As Beamz is very angular I softened it with some Opus, Tipple and Pais.

Last week I painted three backgrounds and this week I turned one into a freehand mandala. I think it needs some white... But still looks great!

Here's my new tangle... Moog. 

It is quite similar to one of my faves - Bales. However it is based on the pattern seen in this picture I saw on Instagram, belonging to @joyephoto.

Here's moog in use:

This week I've been playing along with 30 Days of Lists {check out #30lists on Instagram} and added a doodle theme throughout.

With the monsoon drawing to an end the days are brighter and the plants are starting to flower. All in all, sunny days make for a happier Claire!

This week in the kitchen I've been successfully experimenting with overnight oats, green moong pancakes and schezwan fried rice.
Yet again there are no photos... Once food is in front of me, all thoughts of photos disappear straight out of my head!

Happy creating... 


  1. Wonderful tile with Beamz! Great contrast and depth. Also your other pictures are lovely. I like "Moog". Very nicely done!

  2. You really softened Beamz, I like it that way. The handmade mandala is beautiful on those colors.